Is this Winter the Last for Your Furnace?

Your furnace won’t last forever, no matter how well you care for it with regular maintenance. As with all machinery, parts will break down over time and your furnace will eventually lose its efficiency. You’ll begin to see your energy bills gradually increase over time. Here are some other signs indicating that this winter might be your furnace’s last.

1. Age
A good furnace will only last for about 15 to 20 years. Some will even continue to work for you through a 3rd decade. However, the cost of operation might outweigh keeping it around. If you’re unsure how old it actually is, check the model and serial number.

2. Less heat
This is definitely the most obvious sign, and also quite troubling. You notice that your furnace isn’t pumping out hot air like it used to. Unfortunately, you know that it’s time to upgrade and put the old heater out to pasture.

3. Higher bills
A higher energy bill can be an indication that you need to upgrade your home’s weatherproofing. However, if you have fairly new windows and new weather-stripping, you know those energy bills mean that it’s time for a new furnace. Compare your energy bill with previous years. If you see a gradual increase in your bill, that’s the best indication that your furnace is slowly losing efficiency.

These signs are good indications that it’s time for a replacement. Your furnace is still working, so you still have time! Do your shopping now and compare your favorite brands. Check the ENERGY STAR website for tips. Certified furnaces rated on this site not only cost less to operate, but are also better for the environment. And consider the savings! A newer furnace will lower your energy bill, and require less service overall saving you plenty of dough.