How your HVAC System can help you this Allergy Season

It’s official. Allergy season is here. With it comes the annual battle to fight off pollen allergies. Your HVAC system can help reduce those airborne allergens. Proper maintenance can actually help you fight off the sniffles by improving indoor air quality. Here’s how.

1. Improve your indoor air quality.
You may think that the key to avoiding allergy season is to stay indoors. However, indoor allergens are just as prolific. Mold, pet dander, dust, dust mite debris and pollen can become airborne easily. Your indoor air quality is dependent on the air circulation coming from your HVAC system. If you notice dust and mold around your A/C vents, mop it up before it becomes airborne and circulates throughout your home.

2. Change out your A/C filters often.
Proper filtration is crucial in keeping unwanted allergens from spreading. If your air filter is dirty, you might as well not have one. Clogged filters can actually release more allergens at once than if spread out over time. There are plenty of allergy friendly filters on the market today. They use electrostatic pleating to catch those unwanted particles. These filters in particular are made to trap more allergy causing dander, dust, mold, smoke and pollen.

3. Get routine maintenance checkups.
While air filters are your first defense, most people forget to change them out on a regular basis. If you’ve missed the window, it’s best to also get routine maintenance checks on your HVAC system. Clogged air filters make your system work harder. This can cause your system to lack the efficiency it needs to keep up. Maintaining an appropriate temperature at all times will help reduce airborne allergens in your home. You can also opt to get a cleaning on your system and/or air ducts.