With a UV Air Purifier Your HVAC System Can Actually Help Fight Off Viruses

This time of year is affectionately called cold and flu season. You do your best to take care of yourself and prevent catching a cold. You wash your hands frequently and maybe even received a flu shot to keep yourself from getting sick. But, did you know that you can also fight off flu viruses with your HVAC system? Installing a UV air purifier can do just that.

A UV air purifier uses ultraviolet light to sterilize contaminants that are microbiological. In other words, it targets the living contaminants such as bacteria and viruses in your HVAC system. Germs thrive this time of year because the air is a lot dryer. Dry environments allow germs to thrive. This is because the low humidity helps virus particles remain airborne. Germs and bacteria are also generally more stable in cold air. Installing a UV air purifier can sterilize these contaminants as they enter and recirculate throughout your home.

However, it won’t do anything for other airborne particulates like pollen for example. If you’re looking to eliminate allergens in your home, you will need an air purification or filtration system. These systems will take small particles out of the air entirely. For larger households however, a UV air purifier can make a major difference. Especially for people with compromised immune systems or respiratory problems. In fact, they are commonly used in research laboratories and hospitals for sterilization purposes.

If you’re looking for a little extra protection this winter, a UV air purifier will help keep you and your family healthy. Stationary point-of-use air purifiers just can’t compare. With UV air purification, you are cleaning and sterilizing all of the air as it circulates and recirculates in your home.