Do you have a Problem with Uneven Heating and Cooling?

Uneven heating and cooling in your home can be attributed to many factors. Heat does naturally rise and fall and to some extent uneven heating and cooling can be normal. Temperature can differ from floor to floor, especially from the basement to the attic. However, it can become difficult and expensive to heat or cool your home in a way that keeps you and everyone in the house comfortable.

Truth is there are other factors or small issues that you can easily fix to address the uneven heating and cooling in your home. Before calling in an expert, check these things first:

1. Blocked registers
If you have furniture blocking the vents in your home, consider rearranging. This can be a particularly easy fix to get a better flow through your home.

2. Dirty air filters
We always mention this, but it’s because it’s the most common problem home owners run into and it can affect even heating and cooling. Check your air filters people! They can get dirty fast, especially if you have pets. Replacing your filters often can ensure better air circulation in your home.

3. Vacuum return vents
Return vents are the ones that you would see at the tops of the walls or even in the ceiling. Take notice if they are getting dusty, and vacuum them regularly or every couple of months at the very least. If you notice dust on these vents, this would also be your cue to replace the air filters.

If you have tried all of the above and you’re still getting uneven heating or poor circulation in your home, call an HVAC professional. Your friendly HVAC guy will check your ductwork for you to check/clear any blockages that you may have. They can also check to see if you have an inadequate unit to heat or cool your home. Sometimes, your HVAC unit is just not large enough to provide the even heating and cooling that you need to stay comfortable in those particularly hot or cold months.

If you’re having a problem with uneven heating or cooling, call Newmiller HVAC today.