The right HVAC system size for your home makes a big difference.

You want your home to be the most comfortable place, and your HVAC system size and quality has a lot to do with that. When shopping for new HVAC equipment there are many factors to consider. Making the wrong purchase on a system can mean extremely high installation costs and less system efficiency. Be careful that you’re not provoked into purchasing a larger system. Don’t be fooled. Purchasing a larger system doesn’t always mean a better or more efficient system. You could end up paying more and still be uncomfortable.

There are several ways to determine the right HVAC system size for your home.

1. Measuring Square Feet alone

This method is not the most recommended, and properly the least accurate. Basing your system on square feet alone means you’re not taking into account climate, insulation, etc. Another downside to measuring square feet only is that it solely works for Cooling, but not heating.

2. Measuring Square Feet and Climate

When you take climate into account, you can also estimate for heating. You do still need to consider the amount of insulation in your home, your windows, and other things as well.

3. Compare to your existing system

If your current system was properly sized, efficient, and is just in need of replacement, then you can size your new unit accordingly to the existing one. If your system shuts off during extreme temperatures, then it isn’t the correct size for your home.

4. “Manual J” Calculations

No, you can not use a regular calculator on your phone, but you can use one of various online calculators specifically for sizing HVAC systems. The standard for sizing HVAC equipment is “Manual J.” If you ask your utility company, they can come out and do your Manual J calculation which includes every little factor we mentioned above-insulation, energy efficiency, windows, air ducts etc. This will be the most accurate HVAC system sizing determination.

If you’re still not sure which system to purchase, we can help you determine the proper size HVAC unit for your home.