Are you frustrated because your furnace keeps tripping the circuit breaker?

Just when you thought you were in the clear from the cold weather, the temperature drops to 20 degrees and you’re forced to turn on your heat to stay comfortable. As soon as the furnace kicks on, your breaker shuts off abruptly. Now you’re standing there wondering what just happened. Unfortunately, there could be a number of reasons why your furnace keeps tripping the circuit breaker. What’s most important in this instance is what happens next. If you reset your breaker and the heat runs with no further issues, then it could have been a temporary surge. However, if the breaker continues to shut off when running your furnace, then there could be other problems.

Most Common Problems:

Overloaded Furnace or Furnace Blower
Overloaded Shared Circuit
Short Circuit

Caution: Do not continue to reset your circuit breaker if the problem persists. Call NewMiller and have one of our HVAC professionals come out and address the issue.

Overloaded Furnace

What does it mean when your furnace is overloaded? Your furnace is working harder than it should be, causing it to pull more electricity than usual. If your furnace runs temporarily then triggers the breaker to shut off, then you’re most likely dealing with an overloaded furnace. It could also be as a result of the blower over working as a result of restricted airflow.

Overloaded Shared Circuit

While it would be ideal for you to have your furnace on a separate breaker in your home, this isn’t always the case. Newer homes may be set up this way, but older homes tend to have multiple appliances connected to a single breaker. The quickest solution is to disconnect the other appliances when running your furnace.

Short Circuit

If you turn your heating system on and the breaker immediately shuts off, then there could be a short circuit in the equipment. A short circuit is a result of a bare hot wire comes in contact with another bare hot wire or neutral wire. This increases the amount of electrical current being pulled from your furnace. It is best to have this looked at in the case that you have malfunctioning parts or some other underlying issues.

If your furnace continues to trip your electrical breaker, call us and we will come out to inspect and diagnose the issues.