Its time for some Spring Cleaning, but where do you start?

We suggest starting your spring cleaning with your HVAC system.

Spring cleaning can be a daunting task, but not if you get a head start. Taking care of things early gives you more time to be outside enjoying the warm weather. Many people don’t consider their home HVAC system when they plan their Spring cleaning, but it should be at the top of your list. Why? Well, there are several reasons.

Reduce Allergens

Over time, your HVAC system can become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria and you don’t want that in your air supply. These and other airborne particles could also contaminate your air ducts. Additionally, small rodents, insects and other critters may have been living in your system during off months. These organisms leave behind droppings, dander and possible diseases that can breach your air supply. Duct services may not always be necessary, but it is best to schedule a maintenance plan with us to ensure they are clean and you’re breathing healthy air.

Reduce Unexpected Costs

HVAC maintenance is necessary to extend the life of your system and prevent unnecessary costs.

  • If your indoor and outdoor coils are are covered in dirt or dander, this can represent almost 30 percent of your cooling expenses.
  • Blockages and leaks in your ducts can increase your total cost by another 20 percent.
  • Low coolant can also add another 20 percent or more to your energy usage.

Be Prepared

As the weather warms, you’ll gradually be using your system more and more. By the time that first scorching hot day comes, you won’t want to turn your system off. Taking preventative measures and having a maintenance plan scheduled for your HVAC system can help reduce potential breakdowns or risks to air quality.

  • Keep debris, buildup and plant life from encroaching on your unit.
  • Change your air filters routinely.
  • Check power supplies regularly.

Our licensed professionals can help inspect your system and address any issues before they become too costly. Contact us to schedule a maintenance visit to extend the life of your system.