Types of Fans

The most common types of fans found in homes are circulating fans and window fans; these include ceiling fans, floor fans, fans mounted for walls and fans mounted in windows. The purpose of these fans is to create wind that adjusts the hot and cold air in your home. Even if you already have air conditioning installed, a circulation fans is still effect at making your home more comfortable to live in.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are an effective means of maintaining comfortable drafts within rooms. They allow you to have your thermostat temperature increased up to 5°F. If you live in an area that is constantly affected by hot and humid temperatures, ceiling fans allow you to cool your home without even having to use your air conditioner. Remember to turn off ceiling fans when the room is not being occupied as a measure to save electricity.

Ceiling fans are manufactured with a variety of different sized blades for different environments. Types of Fans with smaller blades, compared to larger blades, produce a similar amount of cooling but at a higher velocity. A low velocity large blade is great for cooling a room without disturbing whatever loose objects, for example in an office space.

Window Fans

If you’re looking for a type of fan that’s effective at cooling climates and conservative when it comes to energy consumption, a window fan might be a good option for you A window fan’s main purpose is to bring in and create cool air while expelling hot air out of your home. The most effective way of using a window fan is to make sure your window is tightly secured around the fan and open windows in rooms that are far away to create the desired draft for cooling your home.