Ductless Repair in Virginia Beach, VA

Ductless Repair in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Suffolk, VA And Surrounding Areas.

Some Things That May Indicate You Need a Ductless Repair

As modern and efficient as your ductless mini-split air system is, it is after all a mechanical device. And as luck would have it sooner or later any mechanical device will need to be repaired.

Hopefully the day that this repair is needed will not happen on one of those days when you need your air system the most. Whether it is a cold and dark winter night or a steamy sweltering summer day, just be aware that there are companies such as Newmiller Heating and Air that can provide you with that ductless repair to get your system back to doing what it does best…keeping your family or your customers cool and comfortable, or warm and toasty.

But, there may be some situations that you can handle yourself and easily get your ductless mini-split going without the need of a ductless repair. Let’s take a closer look at some things to try before scheduling your ductless repair in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Check Your Unit’s Circuit Breaker

Some times, for whatever reason, the circuit breaker designated to your ductless mini-split will trip and shut down your system. If this is the case, then simply reset the breaker and your system should spring to life. 

If you reset the breaker and the system does not come back on, or it immediately trips the breaker again, then you have an electrical problem that will require a ductless repair.

Check Your Unit’s Thermostat

There might be a situation where the thermostat controlling your unit simply isn’t set to make the unit power up and run. If you set the temperature where you are certain that the unit will operate and it doesn’t then it may be time for a ductless repair.

These are just two simple scenarios where you may be able to avoid a ductless repair.

But if the need dictates that you require a ductless repair, then contact us at Newmiller Heating and Air today to schedule your ductless repair in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


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