Oil Fired Boilers in Virginia Beach, VA

Oiled Fired Boilers In Virginia Beach, VA

Boiler Installation

Boilers heat and distribute water and provide hot water space heating to warm homes. Oil-fired boilers in Virginia Beach have advantages over furnaces. They provide even heat. Oil-Fired Boilers are not Furnaces. Furnaces heat and distribute air directly. Boilers heat water to heat coils that heat air. Boiler water is pumped through radiators and radiant floor tubing or baseboards. Virginia Beach homes with boiler heating usually have separate heating areas or “zones.”

New Oil-Fired Boilers Are Highly Efficient

Oil-fired boilers can be as high as 92% efficient. Boiler efficiency has improved over the years. Older boilers are not as efficient than newer ones. Most boilers made before 1896 are around 65% efficient. With proper maintenance oil-fired boilers last a very long time.

Boiler Maintenance

Annual tune-ups are important to keeping your boiler working correctly. By maintaining your boiler you will prevent break-downs, keep your warranty in tact and extend the longevity of the boiler. Our Virginia Beach boiler service technicians will check your oil tank and inspect the whole heating system we will replace your nozzle and filter, adjust your burner and provide a full safety check. A properly maintained boiler should reduce heating bills by 10%.

Boiler Repair

Newmiller HVAC has 24/7 Emergency Service. Our Virginia Beach boiler repair team is on call round the clock. We stock our trucks with what we need to repair oil-fired boilers. If you sign up for our cozy club, we will most likely be able to catch a problem before it even becomes an issue. Learn more about our monthly maintenance plan click here.

Boiler Replacement

Boiler Replacement Estimates are Free
If you live in Virginia Beach and you’d like to learn more about replacing your old oil-fired boiler, contact Earl Newmiller at the number above. Earl will answer your questions and, if needed, schedule an appointment.

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