Gas Furnace In Virginia Beach, VA

Gas Furnaces

Gas Furnaces

Gas is currently the most common heating fuel. Most new central-heating systems use gas. We work on all gas furnaces. Gas furnaces are used in homes in colder climates. They convert gas to heat. Gas Furnaces consist of burners, heat exchangers, blowers and controls.

  • We repair Bryant gas furnaces.
  • We repair Carrier gas furnaces.
  • We repair Lennox gas furnaces.
  • We repair Rheem gas furnaces.
  • We repair Trane gas furnaces.

It’s About to Be Time for a Gas Furnace in Virginia Beach, VA

As we begin to close-out those sweltering ‘dog days’ of summer and welcome the hint of fall in the air, the timing is perfect to begin thinking about the heating side of your HVAC system. More importantly, your gas furnace and all the required services your gas furnace is going to be in need of before the temperatures begin to drop.

So, before those cold and dark winter nights set in, take the best proactive approach to those gas furnace needs. If you live in, or around the Virginia Beach, Virginia area you already know that just because you live in a ‘beach’ town, the winters are anything but beach related.

Your Gas Furnace Professionals in Virginia Beach, VA

There is a trusted professional in Virginia Beach that you can rely on for all things gas furnace related. That professional team is the team at Newmiller Heating and Air.

Earl Newmiller has over 50 years of experience when it comes to your heating and air needs in Virginia Beach. He learned the business from his father, and in turn, passed his knowledge to his son Ethan Newmiller and together they operate this trusted family owned heating and air company that now has 7 employees, 3 trucks and a ‘boat-load’ of experience when it comes to your gas furnace and all of your gas furnace service needs.

Gas Furnace Repairs, Replacements, or Maintenance Needs Covered

The Newmiller team has every aspect of your gas furnace needs covered from building new systems from the ground up, or upgrading an old worn out system that is beyond repair.

Why don’t you take a moment before the mercury begins to show sign of frostbite and contact the professionals at Newmiller Heating and Air and let them begin solving your gas furnace needs in Virginia Beach, VA.

Gas Furnace Installation

Over the last 40 years Gas Furnaces have become more efficient. The 1970s furnaces are about 65 percent efficient. Today the lowest efficiency allowed by law is 78 percent. Some new models achieve 97 percent.

Gas Furnace Repair

If troubleshooting your system does not fix your furnace. Do Not hesitate to call us. Any furnace, regardless of its age, may pose combustion or gas-related safety hazard. It is a good idea to have our experts examine your system. Then we will suggest the best solution for repair.

Gas Furnace Replacement

Each brand of furnaces listed have little to no discernible differences in quality. Given similar key features and pricing. According to Consumer Reports.