Why Should I Pest Proof my AC Unit?

You wouldn’t think to pest proof your HVAC system until your unit breaks down and you discover the problem wasn’t mechanical, but living. Ignoring the prospect of pests can have very damaging results. Raccoons will tear away siding and get into your attic. Termites can destroy your home’s structure. Wasps will create nests whenever and wherever possible, and ants will invade your interior. You look out for ways that these pests can get in, but the heating and air conditioning system gets overlooked. Your HVAC unit creates unique opportunities for pests to get in, cause major damage and even cause health hazards.

Pest proof your system before it’s too late. Those pesky unwanted guests cause major damage. These pests can damage your HVAC unit causing unnecessary repairs or even system replacement. Not only that, but they can also damage the rest of your home for even more expensive repairs.

Air Quality Issues
Pests that enter your home from your HVAC unit can cause some indoor air quality issues. Odors caused by droppings, dead pests or other pest debris will cause your interior to smell. This smell will circulate through your home through the duct system. If you try to tackle this pest problem with pesticides, you’re adding to the air quality issue that the pests caused in the first place.

Health Hazards
Unwanted pests in your HVAC system can also pose health risks to any inhabitants. Pests are common allergens. Since they are occupying your HVAC unit, you are continuously exposed to these allergens. This can exacerbate pre-existing conditions such as asthma or other respiratory problems. Once again, if you try to get rid of unwanted pests with pesticides, you’re inviting other health risks: eye, ear and nose irritation. Or in more serious cases, kidney, liver or central nervous system damage as well as increasing your risk of cancer.

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